VaproLiqui-Flash is a liquid applied, vapor permeable, waterproof, air barrier flashing system component for window and door rough openings. VaproLiquiFlash is designed to work with WrapFlashing and VaproShield field membranes as a complete system. WrapShield IT Integrated Tape is a vapor permeable, weather resistive air barrier membrane with integrated tape at the horizontal seams.

Detail sketch is generic, representing suggested best practices for VaproShield materials, and does not
represent a specific job site condition and therefore may not be applicable to certain projects. Detail sketch is
designed for use as a reference and must be approved by the designer/ consultant of record for each project prior to installation by the subcontractor. Changes and approvals of VaproShield details are the sole responsibility of the designer/consultant of record. VaproShield is not the designer of record for building enclosure details and takes no responsibility for the accuracy or interpretation of actual project site conditions.