This self-leveling, two-component glass setting resin has been engineered to provide high mechanical strength for embedding glass walls and balustrades. It provides superior performance and compatibility with laminated glass over mechanical fixation and cementitious grout.

Long open time for easy handling
́ Full performance after 24h curing
́ Tested with laminated glass
́ Solvent-free
́ Easy mixing & dispensing

Beige color
́ Packaging – Component A: 25 kg pail
́ Packaging – Component B: 5 kg can
́ High Shore D hardness for safe, strong glass fixation
́ Reduced peak stress on glass and interlayer
́ Fast installation and full accommodation of tolerance
́ Tested with Trosifol® and SentryGlas® interlayers
́ Metering & dispensing equipment for professional use