Medium Modulus Neutral Cure Weatherseal & Structural Silicone Sealant/Adhesive

• Versatile, general purpose Oxime cure silicone sealant
• Most like: DC 795, 995, GE Silpruf 2000, 9000 NB, Tremco Spectrum 2, 3, Pecora 895
• Typical Substrates: Glass, aluminum, tile, fiberglass, plastic, ceramic, masonry, concrete, stone, brick
and wood
• Usage Areas: glazing and weatherproofing
Product Technology
• Neutral cure silicone (Oxime)
• Non-staining
• Versatile, unique combination of high strength and elongation

Product Benefits
• Excellent for use as an adhesive for assembling components or as a sealant to protect against the
• Excellent for use as a weatherseal and structural adhesive
• Suitable for structural and impact glazing
• Non-staining to most porous surfaces and resistant to residue run down on non-porous, metal and glass
• Excellent un-primed adhesion
• Outstanding handling, tooling and cure characteristics
• Long term warranted performance

• Product Data Sheet
• Material Safety Data Sheet
• Product Comparison Chart
• Color charts
*Always refer to Current Product Data Sheet and MSDS for detailed performance specifications prior to use.

Sealant Compatibility
• Structural glazing applications MUST be approved by FFI Tech Service
• Test for adhesion, compatibility and staining